Painter in residence

In February 2017, when Annie Sloan announced Jonathon Marc Mendes as Painter in Residence, she said “the response was phenomenal”. Perhaps because Jonathon had already built up a huge following in social media of passionate Chalk Paint™ upcyclers and furniture artists from around the world, thanks to his friendly and informative video tutorials sharing unique tips and tricks to turn tired and unloved furniture into desirable pieces of home decor.

For his Painter in Residence project Jonathon created, styled and photographed the following pieces using a variety of hand painting and decorative finishing techniques which you can read about on Annie Sloan’s blog:

The results were extraordinary. His passion for typography and blending boundaries between the era of a piece and its new ‘given’ style made him stand out. Elements like his fossilised leaf technique, incredible hand painting and fly specking inspired painters to try something new.

And so began his journey from part time hairdresser to international furniture painting artist, chosen by brands like Saltwash and Mint by Michelle to be their Creative Brand Ambassador invited to teach furniture painting workshops around the world.

Very occasionally collectable pieces of Jonathon Marc Mendes’ hand painted furniture become available to buy. Please enquire by email. 

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