Welcome to a very special place. It’s where you can meet a fellow graduate of the Painted Love Academy. Or you can find the very best furniture painters on the planet to undertake commission painting for you. Not all my students paint professionally. Many happily stay under the radar and use their skills for their own home making. For those that do want to make a living from furniture painting I am passionate about helping them grow and flourish.

You can rest assured that as alumni of the Jonathon Marc Mendes 6-week Masterclass these guys are trained in core techniques that are the hallmark of my distinctive painting style. They have shared their work with me in our closed Painted Love Academy group and continue to blow me away, almost daily, with creativity that goes way beyond anything I have taught them.

Their work is often featured by many different worldwide paint brands and when I spot them in the limelight on Facebook and Instagram it makes me so proud!

The world needs more upcycling heroes, so please don’t buy new. Support creative individuals and small businesses who reuse, relove, repurpose and recycle and share the Painted Love!

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Jane Brereton


Claudia Romeder

British Columbia

Christina Sukhoo


Daniel Cervantes

Nicole Paquette


Julia Bishop

Nick Spencer


Katharina Schwägerl


Alison West


Nanci-Jo Pandolfi

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