Alison West – AYR Brushed

I am a furniture artist, I hand paint old or tired furniture to give it new life. AYR Brushed has been trading for over 2 years, however I’ve been painting since the 1980’s. It’s a passion, it’s very addictive and I love my work. I like to add a twist to a painted piece by using different fabrics, patterned paper or a hand painted scene, giving it warmth and character, or by trying out a new painting technique. I hope some of my projects will be inspirational.

I offer hand painted pieces for sale and welcome commission design orders.

“I joined Jonathon’s Painted Love Academy in 2018 and have benefited from many of the detailed tutorials.  Jonathon’s tutorials have shown me techniques I’d never used before, all step-by-step and fully detailed.  Not only can you watch the painted piece taking shape in real time, there is also a list of tools and products you will need to complete the technique, and styling ideas for staging too.  I feel a lot more relaxed about my freehand painting now and I’m surprisingly impressed by Jonathons rust technique as it’s far more effective than I’d imagined it could be.  I eagerly await new tutorials to learn further.  Jonathon is always so willing to share helpful hints and methods and is very down to earth. “


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