Claudia Romeder – Creantique

Based in Stockerau, Austria, close to Vienna, Creantique offers upcycled furniture, handmade signs, gift ideas, chalk paint and other painting equipment. You can visit one of my workshops to get in touch with chalk paint, to learn different painting techniques and to get inspired or you can also give your furniture in commission.

Workshops, colours and painting equipment and commission work.

“In 2012 I first got in touch with chalk paint. I was infected immediately and started to paint everything. But it was Jonathon Marc Mendes and my participation in his Painted Love Academy 2018 that gave me that last necessary impulse to establish my own shop. Watching Jonathon Marc Mendes tutorials gives wings and inspires so much, he shows me not just to paint furniture but to create art. I can recommend to participate in his Painted Love Academy it is a big and colourful experience I do not want to miss. Many thanks Jonathon for all your support and for all the beautiful hours, please stay the way you are and keep on painting :)”