Katharina Schwägerl – Schwägerlwirtschaft

I am an actress and love the transformation, everything that can shape, transform and beautify, I am the mom of two wild girls, and since September 2017, the Schwaegerlwirtschaft is now, the creative workshop shop for Selbermacher, official Chalkpaint dealer for the wonderful chalk colors by Annie Sloan, room for transformation and beautiful handmade things, source of inspiration and color bringer, in Passau (Bavaria, Germany).

Here is the passion to beautify things, to customize pieces off the shelf, furniture that has been sorted out or thrown away, to give a new, colorful life, to search for treasures and to bring them back to radiance, fully live out. All that is necessary, in terms of material, inspiration, and know-how is available and what emerges is always a one-of-a-kind, unique design. Visit one of my workshops and learn the art of furniture transformation. Come to me with furniture and we’ll transform it together, or let it enchant me. In addition, pieces of furniture already painted with love are on sale and of course you will get all you need in terms of colors and accessories, such as brushes, stencils, products from IOD-decor and much more with me

“It is an indescribable feeling to transform something ugly, unloved, despised, into something wonderful, unique and desired. Furniture that tells a story of reshaping to be appreciated and admired makes me happy. Jonathan Marc Mendes has taken my way of painting to a whole new level and I am totally thankful for this fantastic and inspiring online academy! An awesome chance for those who want to kiss tired pieces of furniture out of their deep sleep with ease and love. Thank you, Jonathan, for giving you and the Painted Love Academy and sharing your knowledge so charmingly with us!”