Belen Urdiales – Dress it Up

I own a small shop in Hilversum in the Netherlands called Dress It Up, selling Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint and some other crazy stuff that makes your house more fun to live in. Eight years ago I started painting with AS Chalk Paint and developed my own style over the years. Coming from Spain I always want to bring sun and joy into my projects. What summarizes my work is the use of a lot of colour and different techniques in one time. I also give workshops to get people addicted tot this wonderful paint. When I see the enthusiasm in their eyes I know I did a good job.

Painted furniture. Commissioned work. Workshops, Official Annie Sloan Stockist

“To follow Jonathon’s masterclass was something I wanted to do for a long time and I don’t regret it for a second. Jonathon taught me so many new things. I see, feel and work with the paint in a different way since I followed his tips & tricks. Apart from being a great creative painter, he is also able to bring his knowledge across in a very understandable way. Can’t thank you enough Jonathon.”

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