How to become an Alumni

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If you graduated from the Jonathon Marc Mendes 6 Week Academy Masterclass before end February 2019 you get a free Alumni listing.

Simply send us an email with subject line Alumni & your personal name: 
e.g: Alumni – Jonathon Marc Mendes

Please provide:

1. High res profile picture (around 3MB), ideally of you with a piece of your furniture – or whatever picture you would like to represent you. 

2. A short paragraph about your business. 

3. The painting services you offer.

4. Your Business Name with Social Media links for Facebook & Instagram (in this format) e.g. Jonathon Marc Mendes – Painted Love

5. Your website if you have one (in this format) e,g,

6. A quote about how my tutorials / Painted Love Academy has benefited you!

If you want to upgrade from individual courses to join my 6 Week Academy Masterclass in my 2nd year you can still be listed but we require a £50 administration fee by BACS or Paypal. Just email your request for details.

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