I receive so many customer reviews and comments from all around the world by email, on my Facebook page, on Instagram or here on my blog so I’d like to share my favourite snippets with you!


“I love your fly speck! Never heard of it before until I watched your videos! Love your work!!”

June 2019, @my_spool_creations

“Love it and what an intriguing cocktail of colours, I shall have to try to be more experimental!”

June 2019 @corinne_holtantiques_interiors

“I truly loved every minute of your master class tutorials. Having a busy shop to attend to means that I took much longer than planned to watch every one but I am here now and very happy! We tend to get bogged down in the shop in the basic painting of custom pieces, mostly white with a bit of distressing, so it has been such a treat to play with colour and new techniques and bring something different to the shop floor. Your teaching style is so relaxed and makes me feel like I can do anything! Thank you Jonathon for bringing some inspiration back into my painting! Melanie xo”

June 2019, Melanie, Canada

“Would not have thought the dusty rose would work with the marble, but how good does that look?! And then of course those little shoes … too cute!!!!!!”

June 2019, @demooiehuis

“Great instruction from JMM, by the way. He has the gift of teaching. The value of his classes is unmatched in the instructional painting world.”

June 2019, Lori, USA

“Amazing work .. such an inspiration ❤”

June 2019, @rebekah_bettyanddukes

“He is the best teacher ever. Love his beautiful work.”

June 2019, Anja, Germany

“What an awesome piece of furniture💞”

June 2019, @lisamichellehughes

“Great interview Jonathon. Love to see how you have grown. Couldn’t believe our luck that you came to Oz. Continue to fly☺”

June 2019, Louise, Australia

“♥♥ You’re so talented & I love this colour ♥♥”

June 2019, @upcyclehongkong

“So creative! Wonderful ideas and he explains everything very well!”

June 2019, Teri

“Wow the top isn’t real? That is incredible 💕”

June 2019, @old2bold

“Wow! Love the texture on this piece, oh and that beautiful marble.”

May 2019, @43christownsend

“How amazing is this technique! ! Respect to your talent!”

May 2019, @artisticpaths

“Wow ! Must try out this tomorrow ❤🎈”

May 2019, @brocanterie_maria

“Oh my, Jonathon. My favourite Annie’s Painters In Residents. I have purchased some of your fabulous tutorials recently and can’t wait to get started. And the icing on the cake for me, is I have just moved to Lincolnshire and will be visiting The Loft in Caistor to purchase my paint and waxes. I hope to meet you one day. Warmest Wishes, Karen.”

May 2019, Karen, UK

“Can’t believe it’s not leather! Such a clever effect 😊”

May 2019, @ameliescrafthouse

“Love the color. It definitely gives off the worn leafy green of the eucalyptus. Such a beautiful compliment to the deep golden wood underneath too. Would love to see you do the purple hued eucalyptus version of it 😍”

May 2019, @magnolialane

“Beautiful attention to detail🌻”

May 2019, Karen, USA

“You are amazing, don’t ever wonder why I invested in your academy. You are a wonderful teacher with so much energy to share with all those willing to listen.”

May 2019, @nancijopandolfi

“STUNNING! As usual! Love your style and your techniques, absolutely fabulous!”

May 2019, @metalmassaia

“Hi Jonathon, after watching your Rust tutorial I was thrilled with the result. Thank you soo much for sharing your amazing talents. One day I hope to meet you in person, missed coming to Australia last November. Here’s hoping…!”

May 2019, Kaye, New Zealand

“You are absolutely in the right place, Jonathon. Your work is AMAZING and you are a fabulous teacher. I was also struck with how down to earth and modest you are. I hope to see both you and Sarah again soon when I entice you down to Suffolk! Thank you for a wonderful day. 😍🙏 X”

May 2019, @pumpkinbleuvintage

“Me too! 🙃 And I’m loving the mirror, unique touches you bring to all your pieces. I’m in awe ”

May 2019, @pinkbananalife

“Delighted and deserved, congratulations! I just love your work – a true artist. Best wishes in this new chapter of your career.”

May 2019, Maria, UK

“Your work is flawless… I love this piece… A very talented man, such an inspiration”

May 2019, @othermanstreassure

“Oh fabulous colours and so interesting to look at 💓”

May 2019, @rosemarie6370

“I truly loved watching the tutorials. They were so helpful, and I watched them each several times. Will I be able to access them over and over? I hope so! Thank you so much! I look forward for more to come! Ginger”

May 2019, Ginger, USA

“You are a real artist ❤. I am huge fan and I’ll always be ❤”

May 2019, @sondosartworld

“That’s so cool and original!! 👌”

May 2019, @carrow_lane

“Congratulations Your work is definitely something else. Keep on keeping on xx”

May 2019, Tina, UK

“This piece is so unique!!! Love it, Jonathon!!💙💙”

May 2019, @middas1

“Brilliant Jonathon, u never cease to amaze us”

May 2019, @andreougeorgina

“Attended one of your demos when you were in SA. Love, love love your work🤩”

May 2019, @artyfartyanna

“After watching your videos I decided to finally take on waxing my hutch that I was dreading! Thanks Jonathon, once again for reminding me not to be afraid the dark wax! This piece you did is so beautiful!!!”

April 2019, Kimberley, USA

“You continue to blow me away!! Congrats on Grand Designs!!!”

April 2019, Lindy, New Zealand

“Jonathon is so talented and loads of fun, also extremely sharing. I love watching what he is up to. Never a dull moment x ”

April 2019, Donna

“That was an absolutely fantastic lesson! I learned so much from you! I haven’t seen your posts lately but glad I found you again. You are a complete whiz when it comes to fixing problems. We are so fortunate to have you teach us!  👏👏👏👏👏🥰🥰🥰🥰”

April 2019, Allen

“If you haven’t join @jonathonmarcmendes_paintedloveacademy you should! Amazing tutorials and all the help you need to be the best furniture painter you can be!”

April 2019, @othermanstreassure

“He is absolutely amazing. I love how he shares all his tips and tricks with all of us. Amazing artist, amazing painter. Thank you so much!!”

April 2019, Amber

“I always enjoy watching you. I’ve found no one with more talent than you have. Thank you for sharing. 😊”

April 2019, Kimberley

“Beautiful, perfect blending and perfectly styled. So talented. I love looking at your work.👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼👍🏼😍”

April 2019, @victoriaejoyce

“Everything about Jonathon is simply fabulous. His sense of style, his thinking outside the box, his use of colour and his willingness and ability to share it with people x”

April 2019, Gaye, UK

“Jonathon, this piece is absolutely brilliant! I’m in love with the finish! Thank you for sharing your talent.”

April 2019, @beachgirldee

“Thanks so much Jonathon for making these wonderful tutorial videos, they are such a great help and you have the knack of making things sound SO easy! I am in the middle of a painting job which I will post, but its a huge Abaya Armoire and taking me days to finish. As soon as I am done I am going to try this marbling technique. So happy I finally joined your group.”

March 2019, Sheelagh

“Jonathon, as always you have succeeded to totally blow me away with your techniques! I have so enjoyed every one of the Master Class videos and instruction. Thank you so much for including all of us in your painting processes.”

March 2019, Kathy

“An amazing network of people … thanks so much Johnathon for collaborating such a fantastic network of people and beautiful creations… you demonstrate creativity with no limits on what chalk paint can do and beauty of colour…. cheers 🥂”

March 2019, @thereclamedheirloom

“Hi Jonathon I just finished watching the tutorial and can’t wait to try it myself! Your videos give so much confidence to try a new technique / achieve a new look, thank you. Now I just need to decide whether to go blues or purples….! L x”

March 2019, Laura, UK

“Wow! Just wow! Amazing as usual! One of the highlights of my painting life was my workshop at Joolzes shop with you last year 😊”

March 2019, Kez, Australia

“Johnathon is a fantastic artist and true inspiration… I so appreciate all is work and collaboration he has done on his Painted Love Academy… its a great support network… I have had the privilege to meet and correspond with many wonderful people…. thank you so much for all your hard work Johnathon putting together an amazing group and sharing all your beautiful creations 🤗”

March 2019, The Reclaimed Heirloom, Canada

“I have said many times, Jonathon is the best teacher ever, his tutorials are so easy to follow and so easy to change and make them your own! I have never learned so much! Thank you!”

March 2019, Daniel, Canada

“I love watching your videos and seeing your gorgeous creations!”

March 2019, @sharbabe3

“This video helped me to fine tune my favourite technique, Faded Grandeur. Thanks again for another stonkingly good demo Jonathon X”

March 2019, Karen, UK

“Wonderful work …. the faded grandeur look has such a relaxed and contented feeling. Just perfect for a dressing table. Takes me to France with that look :)”

March 2019, Suzanne, Australia

“Gorgeous! I really, really like the 3 color shelves! They bring the piece to a whole different level!”

March 2019, @binkybism

“Stunning work amazing teacher.. love you classes on line”

March 2019, Elizabeth, Canada

“Yes I’ve learnt so much from you. I thought I had learnt all there was to know but you showed me so much more”

March 2019, Marie, New Zealand

“A real talent. Rare to find people on the Internet who draw as well as you and paint fine detailed images (not transfers). My work is also similar but you’re my little inspiration! This is so lovely!”

March 2019, @victoriaejoyce

“Thank you Jonathon for sharing, your techniques are really inspiring and I feel I learned a lot x”

March 2019, AYR Brushed

“Always enjoy watching and learning from you  😊”

March 2019, Kimberley

“Thank you for all of the sharing that you do. So many people really love you and your down to earth style of teaching.”

March 2019, Diane, USA

“Fabulous piece, fabulous styling! 👍😍”

March 2019, @insidechobham

“Could watch you all day!! Of all the painters I watch you are by far my fav – you have definitely met your calling… not only are you an amazing instructor you make it look so easy!!! Have learned so much & excited to learn more. You’re amazing.”

March 2019, Lori

“I’m excited and nervous to try this technique! I found a wooden doll cradle at a thrift store that I want to paint for my granddaughters. I think it will be a perfect practice piece! I will be heading to see my stockist for some more paint soon. Thanks Jonathon!”

February 2019, Janet, USA

“Wow that’s amazing, such a beautiful blending, incredible work.”

February 2019, @greencabinetallhandpainted

“I could never imagine this technique to look so realistic. Fantastic video!! Super excited to try it out and enrol for other technique videos 🙂”

February 2019, Akshita, India

“What is great about your videos is that you make them fun, easy to follow and execute the tasks to a very high standard. Ty ❤❤❤”

February 2019, Dolly

“Oh I think I’ll have to do the free marble class! Love to learn and try to learn something new everyday. Thanks Jonathon Marc Mendes appreciate it x”

February 2019, Sarah, UK

“Just beautiful Jonathon….looks just as it should…thank you for sharing your knowledge.”

February 2019, Leanne, New Zealand

“There are those that try and those that do. You are a true artist!”

February 2019, Michael

“I’ve just signed up for your master class….. 😬I’m excited and terrified”

February 2019, Suzi, Australia

“Dear Jonathon, I’m so excited about your masterclass program! I have watched your how-to videos for a couple of years now and have learned so much. For whatever reason, you are just that teacher from whom I learn best. I’m something of a connoisseur of chalk paint tutorials and I seem to just “get” yours! I am not artistic by nature (can’t draw a stick figure to save my life), but I’ve developed a real passion for the complexities of color and the various historical styles of painted furniture thanks to you and Annie. I find myself lying awake at night trying to figure out how to mimic certain looks or elements in nature I see while just going about life. I actually got into a car accident (minor, just a bump) while studying a painted wooden fence that had been faded by the sun in a really cool and particular way and wondering how to reproduce it! I just wanted to say thanks for the journey and I look forward to new adventures in color and painting!”

February 2019, Elizabeth, USA

“Will definitely be giving this a try you make it look so easy.”

February 2019, Nick, UK

“🤩😍good golly!! Have watched your marbling class 3 times..practiced a bit last night!! I will definitely need more practice😆this is beautiful!”

February 2019, Tammy, USA

“Oh my gosh you are brilliant!!!!! Your work is amazing!!!!”

February 2019, Anne

“I loved this tutorial. I had done a bit of decoupage but you gave it another dimension and level – fantastic. Thank you”

February 2019, Heike, Malta

“This piece is absolutely stunning Jonathon! I never would have guessed those three colors for the base. Your talent is unbelievable and I enjoyed watching the graphite marble which is quite different then the pure base. So beautiful!💕”

February 2019, Kimberly, USA

“Oh wow…what a piece and are a master at what you do!”

February 2019, Chloe, UK

“How can that be paint…. you are a magician❤”

February 2019, Robbyn, New Zealand

“Once again it’s a … W O W …”

February 2019, Karlos, Greece

“You know something Jonathon…this piece looks like it was born like this…never would pick that it was all done with paint. Magnificent and such talent using that paint and brushes. ❤”

February 2019, Susan

“This piece is such a testament to the ‘less is more’ way of thinking (even though there was a lot that went into it). Understated, and yet the treatments compliment the piece and make it sing! Bravo.”

February 2019, Kimberly, USA

“You are extremely talented! I need to sign up for your academy. I love how you mix colors.”

February 2019, Cassie

“Wow Jonathon it’s beautiful! I could never imagine to blend those two colours, and obviously technique here has worked miracles!”

February 2019, Helena, Ireland

“I’m lost for words…. really beautiful, both the chair and your pictures  😍👍! The chair looks really stunning with that background!”

February 2019, Camilla, Sweden

“Oh my word that is just gorgeous!!!! Watched the process and think it does this piece of craftmanship such justice – beautiful!!”

February 2019, Melodie

“Wow, stunning now you have worked your magic xxx”

February 2019, Sylvia, UK

“I am consumed with excitement about this course. Am somewhat hampered by the Saskatchewan winter and can hardly wait for summer to arrive when I can go out to the garage and immerse myself in the process. For me it definitely is a process. I so appreciate your “go with the flow’ statements. What I have discovered is that I never know when I start a project just where it will end up at…or how many times I will tweek it, nor how many discoveries I will make along the way. It really is like cooking something up in the kitchen…another passion….but there also I can not make a can of Campbell s tomato soup without changing the recipe…and making it my own. The support you offer through your approach is just what I need. Thank you.”

February 2019, Bill, Canada

“Can’t believe how you can get better and better all the time!x”

February 2019, Peggy

“Loved this tutorial, and will be watching over a few more times yet X”

February 2019, Karen, UK

“Can you come and live with me for a week Jonathon and design my home… talented absolutely beautiful xx”

February 2019, Mandy

“Hi Jonathon, Thank you very much for all the work you do sharing all your knowledge and experience. You do it amazing and very inspiring! Greatings from Spain! xx”

February 2019, Maria, Spain

“Wow! Just beautiful! You have an amazing range of styles, you are so talented!”

February 2019, TMT1473

“I can honestly say that joining the Painted Love Academy was the best decision I made since starting out in the world of furniture painting. I feel like I have grown enormously in terms of my painting skills and my passion for what I do and it is largely down to Jonathon’s tutorials. Really looking forward to the next set of classes, best wishes, Jane X”

February 2019, Jane, Australia

“The result is phenomenal! I very much enjoyed watching you apply the layers and the spray to get that zinc drawer.. just love the variation in all 3!”

February 2019, Jenny, USA

“Absolutely LOVE this one! No doubt it was so popular! Love the rust and patina finishes!! Wonderful job!”

February 2019, Karin, Canada

“Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness toward all of us in the Academy.  I was astounded when I read your email detailing all the extra perks you are offering.  The initial purchase last year of your tutorials was a gift to myself that just keeps on giving and giving.  Because my work has improved in quality, I have been able to increase my prices and my customer base is beginning to expand. I can’t thank you enough for being so open and willing to share your methods and extra touches that set you apart as an artist. You, my dear, are a rock star. I am looking forward to another year in the Academy and all that you will be offering.  I have watched the original videos many times over and I am still learning and seeing new things each time. They continue to be some of my greatest tools for success. Many thanks to you,  Jonathon. You have gone above and beyond what any of us could have hoped for. You have my support always, Lori.”

February 2019, Lori, USA

“This is the piece that made me go and buy your tutorials Jonathon. Beautiful and my favorite.”

February 2019, @kimberlykelleherdesigns

“Happy happy happy birthday dear Jonathon, to your Painted Love Academy with lots of inspiration and artistic items! Thank you for all your guidance, consideration and spread of your knowledge.”

February 2019, Karolos, Greece

“You should be so proud of yourself, you have done fantastically well in your first year. You have an amazing talent. A genius in the ‘Chalk Paint World’.”

February 2019, Lynne, UK

“Your classes are fantastic and you are extremely talented.”

February 2019, Marie, New Zealand

“Your talent is only surpassed by your integrity. You are such an amazing man. Remember to come to USA.”

February 2019, Pat, USA

“Love this, very old romantic french vibe 💗”

February 2019, @the_daydreaming_unicorn

“So looking forward to being a part of your paint world. What you have set up is wonderful.”

February 2019, Vanessa, UK

“Many thanks for your quick message reply and response to my questions. … I truly appreciate that. I did go forward and signed up for your offer. I just wanted to quickly mention to you that your academy was a wonderful choice for me a while back, long story short, I have been very much in the creative arts for many years but also very isolated with my creations (not just furniture art) joining up with your tutorials and being part of your private Facebook page for the academy has been so unbelievably supportive and a wise choice for me. It’s not about the teaching aspect so much for me but the encouragement and support both yourself and the other students that has been a huge influence to me and truly no words of how much I am appreciated of that. Please don’t get me wrong… the teaching aspect is actually very helpful as this is a growth and in my mind anyone in the arts should be always learning… and with being said… I have learned! And I am thankful for all your hard work … and just letting you know all the ways you have set a great example to others … just a personal note. Wishing you continued growth and success…”

February 2019, Christina, Canada

“He’s super talented and just so friendly, like having a genius best mate show you how to do stuff.”

February 2019, Angela, UK

“I absolutely love everything about this piece!! Your paint job outstanding, the industrial feel, the photography… everything!!”

February 2019, @ildikoh67

“Great teacher and artist!”

January 2019, Keith, USA

“😍 This may be my favorite of the many beautiful works of AS art that you’ve shared with us. Your love and respect for these pieces is evident, and your artistry shines in the finished product!”

January 2019, @annieroosie

“Jonathon how effortless you made that look. You are an inspiration and a paint magician. Pure magic.”

January 2019, Louise

“Just love all your painted projects, you are a great influencer for me ❤❤”

January 2019, @susannefolkesson54

“Chalk paint mastery at it’s best!!”

January 2019, Jan, UK

“Just a magical imagery. Kind of wintery, such a fabulous finish, a great inspirational piece.”

January 2019, @jimconnellystudios

“You did a superb job reviving this piece! The colours you chose work beautifully! Wow.”

January 2019, Steina

“Just amazing Jonathon Marc Mendes you never cease to amaze ever xx”

January 2019, Wendy, UK

“Jonathon thanks for sharing. I’ve been doing this business for two years now, pure passion and I would like to do it forever.”

January 2019, @anna.marfella

“You knocked it out of the park as always! Fabulous.”

January 2019, Tammy, USA

“I have a similar piece of furniture at my shop, great tip regarding leather inlay …mine’s in need of some tlc so I’ll be following your idea. “

January 2019,@intrepid_interior

“Now that’s when paint and wood work in harmony. Beautiful finish.”

January 2019, Flower-Jayne

“You really nailed this one Jonathon – just beautiful….dare I say, perfect?”

January 2019, @ironorchid_design

“Really refreshing to see green..such an underrated calming 😊”

January 2019, Wyatt

“A Parisian pent house would welcome this treasure, fabulous work🌷”

January 2019, @jimconnellystudios

“Wow…just beautiful…so much empathy and thought to the piece of furniture itself…Love this Jonathon..superb!”

January 2019, Leanne, New Zealand

“Stunning 💚 I love that you’re so respectful of these beautiful pieces yet you transform them to be relevant today 💚 Thank you”

January 2019, @winkersnook

“Great attention to detail, fabulous ideas, very clever artist, very creative and interesting.”

January 2019, Joanne, UK

“It was so lovely to meet you at the Melbourne Meat Market in November. I am sure that the visit of Annie and yourself to Australia will be remembered among Australian painters for many years to come. I’m not doing any painting at present. I have my painting stuff set up in a large tin shed at the back of the garden. It is a great space but as an unlined tin building it is unbearable to work in during Bendigo’s hot summer. We’ve have many days in a row of over 38 degrees, i.e. 100 Fahrenheit, and today it will be 43, or 109 F. Talk about dry brushing…!!!”

January 2019, Mary, Australia

“Ohhhhh que amor.. bellísimo”

January 2019, @mrallende

“His work is fab!! I especially love his faded grandeur…”

January 2019, Lynne, UK

“Very sympathetically restored. Unusual colour – love it.”

January 2019, @gillsargent

“I am very excited to watch this tutorial! I believe you are one of the top video instructors out there. Your videos are so professional and I feel that I have learned so much from your masterclass. Your courses are brilliant.”

December 2018, Mary

“I love all the tutorials you have and will be checking them out. I’m still hoping one day I can meet you in person. You are one amazing artist with such a kind and gentle soul ❤”

December 2018, @susans_hidden_treasures

“They are absoutely fab. Thank you for those ideas with the baubles. Great way of recycling. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.”

December 2018, Carol, Ireland

“Love, love, love these tutorials!! Thank you!”

December 2018, Terry, USA

“49 minutes of pure enjoyment, so professional! I certainly recommend!”

December 2018, Tatjana, Croatia

“BTW I did your Rust & Verdigris workshop at the recent Makers & Painters Market in Melbourne and have been comissioned to repaint a statue in my shop to make it look rusty. Let’s hope I was paying attention and can channel some JMM fabulousness.”

December 2018, Angie, Australia

“Jonathon absolutely love the technique you just gave on that piece of furniture where you shadowed it and then brought back some of the original paint to it. It is beautiful, I would never have thought to do that. You’re teaching so much and we’re learning a lot! Please, please, please make your videos longer – we want to see an hour at least in each video, LOL, seriously may your blessings overtake you!”

December 2018, Susannah 

“Only just found out about you and have learnt a lot in a short time!”

December 2018, Julie, UK

“Thank you so much Jonathon, for your offer!!!! Your work inspires me!! Ι am trying to experiment  with new techniques! Ι wish you a good year with health and happiness!! Love from Thessaloniki!!!!”

December 2018, Thessaloniki, Greece

“Just wanted to show my version of this colour blend you had a video on. Thank you, would never have mixed them and it looks awesome together.”

December 2018, Inge-Maud, South Africa

“Bravo!!!! Excuse me, but we need more, I said more, yes more videos from you! Hurry up, do not rest, do not sleep, do not go on vacation, just do videos for us! LOL love your work.”

December 2018, Susannah

“Thank you, to be honest I’ve just discovered you. I opened my shop two years ago, it was supposed to be a pop up shop for a month! Here I am two years later loving life. I teach workshops and most of my time is taken up doing commissions. So I’ve decided 2019 is the year I’m going to expand my learning, I love different and whacky, but it’s getting the balance right for people to purchase. I will drop in and out of your tutorials, thank you.”

December 2018, Constance, Ireland

“Beautiful! Love what you have done with this piece.”

November 2018, @colourful_terremoto

“I love this tutorial. I am on my way to the store to purchase all colours and brushes I need in order to start this project. Really excited! Thank you Jonathon for sharing!”

November 2018, Adına, Netherlands

“It was so amazing having you here Jonathon Marc Mendes. It was just a joy to meet you and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to learn from you. It was also so lovely to meet Mr Mendes. So glad you both had a wonderful time in Melbourne (despite the rain). Safe travels home. X”

November 2018, Helen, Australia

“Thanks so much for your reply! I’m so happy to be involved in your painting journey and will get back to the Faded Grandeur video!”

November 2018, Siobhan, UK

“I love to watch you paint. You make it look sooo easy. Thanks so much for sharing this.”

November 2018, S.Grace

“Had the best time at Saturday’s workshop at Gisborne French Provincial. What an amazing workshop xx”

November 2018, Kez, Australia

“So great to meet you Jonathon. I hope you enjoy your wee holiday too. Hopefully we might catch up again one day? By the way – I’ve got major painting withdrawals. I can’t wait to get stuck in again in my little studio.”

November 2018, @jeanius_reloved

“Still amazed that we got to meet. Love how you have made painting FUN. Will treasure last weekend forever xx”

November 2018, Jackie, Australia

“So glad you guys had a fabulous time in Melbourne. So very well deserved Jonathon after the years of hard work and overcoming the obstacles you’ve encountered along the way, you’re talent is now truly appreciated all over the world xxxxx”

November 2018, Wendy, UK

“Great presenter. Very easy to listen to and learn from.”

November 2018, Denise

“This maybe an “old” piece, but your painted furniture is timeless! As good looking today as it was then. :)”

November 2018, Suzanne, Australia

“What catches the eye, of course the intriguing way which it is painted, is how the piece is staged. So pretty.”

November 2018, Nancy, USA

“Fabulous to have you come all this way and teach us. See you in Christchurch next time..?”

November 2018, @the_fabric_of_society

“Thank you for sharing your work. I follow you with interest and maybe one day we will meet, who knows? I am an enthusiastic furniture painter. I try to develope my work learning from my mistakes, making my own colors and all this saves my life. I am so happy for you that you have such a success. Have a good time and always a colourful soul.”

November 2018, Cristina, Italy

“This is awesome!! And you make it look soo super easy!! X”

November 2018, Lisa

“I absolutely love your creativity Jonathon. I wonder upon your pieces all the time. You inspire me. 👏🏻👏🏻”

November 2018, Hayley, UK

“Thank you for being such an inspiration to me & many other artists!”

November 2018, Heike, USA

“You inspire us more than you will ever know Jonathon. It’s like a light going on in our heads! And thinking Wow I can really do this. Thank you with all my heart for giving me the confidence to go for it xx”

November 2018, Sue, UK

“Hi Jonathon, I tell anyone who will listen that your instructional videos are the absolute most informative, comprehensive, and professionally produced of any others. They have been the best tool for me to expand creatively. I can’t thank you enough. When people ask me to show them how I created a finish, I point them to the Painted Love Academy and tell them it will be the best investment they will ever make!”

November 2018, Lori, USA

“It was absolutely stupendous to meet you Jonathan. I’ve been following you on FB, ogling over your amazing creations for quite some time. I wasn’t able to attend your workshops this time, so I’m hoping you loved Oz so much that you’ll be back. I’m just glad I didn’t go too “fan girl” and make a fool of myself. I hope you and Mr Mendes enjoy the rest of your time here. Stay safe. 😊”

November 2018, Margaret, Australia

“Beautiful! Understated, dignified elegance. 💓”

November 2018, Susan

“I have loved your inspiration Jonathon. I have a photo of you and Mr Mendes to prove that it was not a dream. Thank you for coming to Oz and hope that you and Mr Mendes will return?”

November 2018, Louise, Australia

“Love this guy so much. I have been following his page for a couple of years now, Jonathon has taught me sooo much and my painting has evolved heaps.”

November 2018, Jackie, UK

“I have followed your journey for a few years Jonathon, you are so talented. You deserve all this success and more ♥”

November 2018, @shabbily_fabulous

“Thank you so much Jonathon Marc Mendes-Painted Love. I can’t wait to go home and paint. Your workshops were fabulous and it was great to meet you x”

November 2018, Donna, Australia

“Replay…. just caught up with this and I LOVE it! Would never have thought to ombré on top of the stencil! Genius 💥. Lovely to see Denise as well. Right I’m off to try this out!! X”

November 2018, Paint Studio, UK

“That was an awesome tutorial.”

November 2018, Susan, USA

“Replay: Jonathonon… once again… love what you’re doing.”

November 2018, Bev, Australia

“Came across your website on fb and have signed up! I’ve been up cycling and painting furniture for a year now with great success. I mainly use Annie Sloan chalk paint which I just love. Am learning all the time and have a long console table to do as a bathroom sink table top to go into my local Pub’s ladies loo…. I was going to used gel stain for the top but now I have watched your marble masterclass video, I shall attempt this technique. I’ve watched an awful lot of videos over the last year but have to say I love your style and that fact you get on with it and keep things simple in your explanations as you work. Great stuff – shall send you a before and after of my marbling paint attempt! Many thanks and I look forward to watching more of your videos.”

November 2018, Siobhan, UK

“Replay. Jonathon Marc Mendes-Painted Love You are awesome 👏”

November 2018, ReGal Restorations

“This set of tutorials was fantastic! I was sorry to finish it! I am truly inspired to pick my paintbrushes back up and create something new. I love how you just “go with the flow” in creating the layers of color and you explain your methods with such ease. I never felt lost in understanding your process. You are a great teacher and a gifted artist. I’m glad you decided to stick with painting because you have found your calling!”

October 2018, Leslie, USA

“I was lucky enough to attend a demo of Jonathon’s. He is so talented and inspirational. I can’t wait to try the effects he showed us.”

October 2018, Liz, Ireland

“You are a gifted amazing artist! You make my heart sing when I see your work!”

October 2018, Rosemary

“Only just found him! Watched a couple of YouTube videos.. he’s BRILLIANT.”

October 2018, Lynne, UK

“Love, love this color, I really do need this technique (I need to learn this).”

October 2018, @jqulynberg

“I love your patinas. Rust is my new favourite look to create.”

October 2018, Sophie

I always think each piece you do is my favourite. Until the next one comes along 🤣”

October 2018, Sue, UK

“You have magic hands and heavenly mind everything you touch becomes beautiful – following you from NZ.”

October 2018, Vicki, New Zealand

“Awesome Jonathan u r an amazing artist that inspires me every time can’t wait for more lol 🤗 x”

October 2018, Georgina

Unique piece of art, very Jonathon style, bravo …”

October 2018, Karolos, Greece

“It looked lit from within. So much dimension!”

October 2018, @plohni18

“Just stunning Jonathon! Can’t wait to see the series. The industrial look is awesome xxx”

October 2018, Sue, UK

“Love this man, he is the paint wizard.”

October 2018, Anita

“Gosh Jonathon, you never just paint. Your pieces are show shoppers. Sweetness together with some drama … “

October 2018, @helenasunnysideofthestreet

“What a masterpiece!!!! You are defenitely someone whom I’d like to learn from. Brilliant. 🌺”

October 2018, Margie, South Africa

“I have to be honest with you. I’ve been watching your work developing from afar for quite a while now, and I really think your hand painted pieces are your best work. They’re so…observant. And respectful of the spirit and form of your subjects. I just love it. I mean, how do you make a Puffin look inquisitive and pensive? I don’t know. Ask Jonathan! 🙂”

October 2018, Tina, USA

“I would love to learn how to get this look. It’s gorgeous.”

October 2018, @lilaclaneboutique

“Oh wow…this is gorgeous ❤ Perfect subject choice and stunningly executed IMHO!”

October 2018, Katherine, New Zealand

Your hand painted pieces are so beautiful! You are truly the most talented painter I know and I feel so fortunate to have found you!!!! You inspire so many people. You must be so grateful to posses your talent! I’m so happy you share your talent!!”

October 2018, Kimberly, USA

“I love puffins! Amazing painting as per usual.”

October 2018, @girl_in_blue_designs

“Amazing!!! Everything you create and every technique you use is really unique! You are a very charismatic man!! Congrats!!”

October 2018, Λιλιαν, Greece

“So incredibly original! It’s so Jonathon!”

October 2018, Regal, USA

“It is amazing! Just beautiful work, whether painting furniture or art.”

October 2018, @maryjenney

“Thank you so much for this live Jonathon it is so great to listen to you and for you to share all the information with us 🙂”

October 2018, Sylvie, Canada

“That is stunning! Great work! I work with salvaged copper roof tiles from an locally iconic building from 1898 and your artistic patina is on point for the natural patina I work with! Check my stuff out – you’ll see what I mean.”

October 2018, @sanfordanddaughter253

“I’ve always loved this piece and it was the one that got me to join the academy! A wonderful class in which I feel I learned many techniques! Thank you Jonathon!”

October 2018, Kimberly, USA

“Jonathan you are the bomb diggity, wish you were in this country! May your blessings overtake you as you show us some more of your great work yay! Hurry up!!!! Lol”

October 2018, Susannah

“Seriously, I’m running out of superlatives! Blooming brilliant. X”

October 2018, @pumpkinbleuvintage

“Saw this earlier…really excellent information. I took away some new ideas. Thank you Jonathon Marc Mendes”

October 2018, Nanci-Jo, USA

“A lovely picture, beautifully done Jonathan. Can’t wait for Wednesday’s live show.”

October 2018, @andreougeorgina

What a romantic piece! Love the different shades. You are truly gifted! Thank u for inspiring all of us painters x”

September 2018, Emma, South Africa

Magical, devine, glam, stunning absolutely delicious and sooo romantic.”

September 2018, Kaye

“I have seen Jonathon paint, and he is very good at showing you how to acheive really different results from various techniques. If you enjoy painting do treat yourself to a ticket and I promise you it will make you want to go back home and paint everything in sight :). Well worth the time and money – better still get someone to treat you as a pressie. Have a wonderful time x”

September 2018, Anita, UK

I have always wanted to try that product! Looks fascinating, especially with you doing it! Love your videos!”

September 2018, Allen, USA

Congratulations dear Jonathon! I cannot yet imagine what miracles you will achieve with this product. I can’t wait.”

September 2018, Marianthi, Greece

“Would love to see how the napkins are done to make it so much like a painting. Absolutely beautiful.”

September 2018, Ruth

Jonathon you have the magic painter’s touch! Beautiful work!”

September 2018, Karen, USA

“Love this .. it truly has a rustic earthy feel to it. Like its aged beautifully on someone’s porch slightly exposed to nature’s elements. Beautiful.”

September 2018, @a_salvage_girl_inspired

So many beautiful pieces. I absolutely love your work and admire your talent. Each piece is a treasure. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.”

September 2018, Susan

“Wow, you have done some beautiful pieces, but this is my favorite. This is one of those pieces I would buy a bigger home just to find room ❤❤❤”

September 2018, Alex-Vi, USA

“Well I have been working a lot with decoupage but this was just a totally different dimension…My goodness…I´m so inspired…I won’t be able to sleep tonight…Thank you for sharing…Lovely work…”

September 2018, Petronella, Sweden

“I love what you’ve done with it, the colours are amazing … got no idea whatsoever what Saltwash is, so just about to look it up!”

September 2018, @kay_at_the_gite

“Everything Jonathon touches turns to gold! Boy what a talent. Have signed up for his Painted Academy. So excited to get going to improve my painting skills. Thank you for inspiring me and enhancing my confidence to paint and sell my piece xx”

September 2018, Sue, UK

“Jonathon’s Painted Academy video was perfect for me to learn Faded Grandeur! It’s wonderful to have at your finger tips while working. To be able to replay parts that need to be watched over and over is so helpful. No better teacher!!!!

September 2018, Kimberly, USA

“A truly talented artist in his own right and his transformation of furniture is unique and beautiful x”

September 2018, Wendy, UK

“Lovely as always Jonathan, I must have a go at Saltwash, love the texture and layers of colour.”

September 2018, @43christownsend

“Helpful, friendly, encouraging, talented, extremely talented, in fact a total genius and a huge inspiration to me!”

September 2018, Linda, UK

“You are unstoppable! That’s amazing and well deserved 👍🎉😍”

September 2018, @urbanrelics

“I bought one of Jonathon’s tutorials and was so excited by it, I instantly bought another… I sat up well into the night watching.. feeling more and more inspired. I knew I wouldn’t be happy until I had devoured all these videos so have just signed up for the 6 week masterclass and am so excited to get started!”

September 2018, Robbyn, New Zealand

“Beautiful! I haven’t tried this technique but you are definitely an inspiration 🙌🏻”

September 2018, @alterboyinteriors

“So glad to see more of Jonathon! So talented and blessed with a wonderful gift. Look forward to your classes and more tutorials. Please never give up your amazing talent, painting and creating makes the world a better place for so many.”

September 2018, Lulu, USA

“ it..I´ll get right on it this week with a piece of furniture that I have had for a while not knowing what to do with it…:)”

September 2018, Petronella, Sweden

“I think you are a magician!”

September 2018, @the.noohs

“Stunning …. don’t think I’m going to get much sleep thinking about the colours I’m going to use tomorrow to try it out! You seem even more comfortable in front of the camera now and was really useful to know what you do around internal drawer edges, etc. Thank you for another fantastic tutorial.”

September 2018, Julia, UK

“I just completed this tutorial online – can’t wait to try it out ❤”

September 2018, @honeymanhome

“Thank you for your lovely workshop online, I’m loving your work. Its amazing. I have purchased the stone and marble workshop off your website.”

September 2018, Carol, Ireland

“It is breathtakingly beautiful! Bravo 💖”

September 2018, @madphilomena

“I have been watching you on YouTube since you had like 3 videos. I was alway diligently waiting for the next. I would binge watch till the next new videos would arrive. I love how you work, the mood you set every time you start to work. Thank you for sharing and inspiring.”

September 2018, Regla, USA

“It’s just amazing! I haven’t really gotten into the trend of flowers on furniture, until just now. Perfection!”

September 2018, @girl_in_blue_designs

“For everyone who loves being creative and mastering new techniques.”

September 2018, Micehele, UK

Awesome your not just a talented artist but your staging is brilliant Jonathon 😘”

August 2018, Georgina

“Gorgeous love the colours 👌”

August 2018, @bauernhaus.1

“Oh. My. Word!! Jonathon!! This is SUCH a wonderful gift! I cannot express the right words as to how much I am honoured and grateful to receive this message. I thank you so much. As you know, I enjoy your work and tutorials immensely and having access to other members around the world within the Academy sites, is an absolute delight. I’m surrounded by such talented folk and such lovely, wonderful folk too! It is because of you that has allowed me to explore my creativity juices and start my own little hobby/business here in the middle of freakin’ nowhere!  LOL!! It is I, who should be saying THANK YOU! Take care, hon. xx”

August 2018, Jill, Canada

“The best investment I ever made for my business and I am so glad I did”.

August 2018, Lori of Chair-ity

“It looks amazing and I’d love to see it. I love seeing your work and your amazing artistic development. It has been like watching a teenager grow into an ever-learning adult over the last year or two and I’ve been inspired by your talent, friendliness and humility. Carry on doing what you do so marvellously!”

August 2018, Julie, Ireland

“Thank you so much for sticking with it for me….I appreciate people who recognize that there are some of us who need extra coaching because we did not grow up with computers… sign that you and your associates are real teachers.”

August 2018, Bill, Canada

“You are so talented. I love your work.”

August 2018, @bmkappenman

“I did two courses at a local Annie Sloan stockist, which I really enjoyed, and I find your photos and videos so inspiring. I get such a thrill from transforming old bits and bobs. It’s a hobby at the moment but hopefully one day I’ll be able to sell some pieces.”

August 2018, Mary-Lynne, UK

“Your creativity is amazingly beautiful and I love looking trough your post, your staying, your colours, and pieces.”

August 2018, @colourful_terremoto

“His tutorials are amazing, he is an incredibly good teacher…now with him as teacher and mentor I am doing it full time.” August 2018, Julia of PumpkinBleu

“It’s cute! Love the way u chose your colours and the stencil gives such a different effect.”

August 2018, Georgina

“You always get it sooo right 😍😍😍”

August 2018, @theimperfectparlour

“I can not believe the colours that you created FROM the existing colours. Remarkable Jonathon.”

August 2018, Louise

Just watched you video. Thank you for all your tips you share with us.”

August 2018, Charmaine, South Africa

This was really, really great! So well done and exciting to hear about the projects, and you’re fabulous in front of a camera!”

August 2018, Carol, USA

“Beautiful piece and staged to perfection!”

August 2018, @chair.ity

“You’ve surpassed yourself – AGAIN! These finishes are exquisite!!!”

August 2018, Gail

“My directions are rather complex compared to your video, but I love the idea of simplicity for everyone ending in a great look – self gratification is so important when learning a new technique that sounds difficult. Keep it up!”

August 2018, JoAnne, USA

“Hi Jonathon, love all your work. You have an amazing talent.”

August 2018, Ann, UK 

“Wow just stunning”

August 2018, @gisbornefrenchprovincial

“Thank you for your emails! I watched and loved the marble technique. I can’t wait to try it! I love your work and have been following you for some time now. I’m here and excited about this opportunity with Painted Love!”

August 2018, Jeannette, USA

“What a fabulously creative way to present the colours and visit amazing lands at the same time. Such a good eye you have, JMM.”

August 2018, ML, UK

“This piece is a show stopper 💙”

August 2018, @simplyfrenchsa

“I love your work, you are such an inspiration. I am definitely interested in your courses. I am very enthusiastic to learn all of the techniques and will definitely do all. I am desperate to see how far I can go and be stretched. Can’t wait. Have watched the marble video and must compliment you on your delivery. You make it look so simple. I am inspired by you, immensely.”

August 2018, Gayle, Ireland

“Fabulous piece. Did you do the wreath effect freehand Jonathon? Styling makes all the difference to how a piece works in a room.”

“Such a beautiful piece, stunning as all your pieces 😍👏”

August 2018, @mariavartdesign

August 2018, Sue, UK

“Jon paints with such passion, all of his pieces are stunning.”

August 2018, Nicola

“Loved watching your creativity, but I just don’t have your talent, but will keep on trying and practising!”

August 2018, Genevieve, UK

“This is perfect. Can’t wait to watch more videos.”

August 2018, Janet, USA

“That was brilliant and so effective. Thank you so much X.”

August 2018, Claire, UK

“So glad Jennifer discovered how talented you are Jonathon!! Beautiful finish!”

August 2018, @reclaimedandlovely

“YOU have great energy…very passionate!”

August 2018, Katherine, USA

“This is something else Jonathon! So intricate and beautiful x”

August 2018, Verity, UK

“We learned more from you at #thesonshinestudio than anyone else out there. For sure!”

August 2018, @elaine.broom

“Your coloring mixtures are amazing! You stylist skills are showing.”|

August 2018, Johnna, USA

“Jonathon is a master!!”

August 2018, Janet, USA

“You are so talented!!! Beautiful piece!!”

July 2018, @demooiehuis

“Adore this piece! Soothing subtle colors, intricate detailing, hints of bygone eras and gentility. A treasure.”

July 2018, Susan

“Such inspiration for a piece for a wedding present for my daughter. Love you, love your work, loved meeting you in Grantham, such a nice bloke! Xx.”

July 2018, Michelle, UK

“Wow, this looks absolutely superb 👍🏻.”

July 2018, Heather

“Hi Jonathan, it was lovely to meet you last weekend and talk shop, your work is inspiring. I look forward to seeing all your new adventures in the future x.”

July 2018, Anita, UK

“You do incredible work and inspire so many Johnathon. Thank you for that. 💜.”

July 2018, Majella, Ireland

“Everything about this piece is special, the detail is so lovely.”

July 2018, @maryjenney

“Really admire your work and attention to detail… I am a hobbist painter and strive to make the insides , to look as good as the outsides… but is it just me that paints all the bits that can’t be seen such as underneath table tops and drawer bottoms? X.”

July 2018, Sally, UK

“This ombré looks awesome. Amazing work guys!”

July 2018, Claire

“Hi Jonathan, has the offer on the wet distressing workshop finished? I’ve just completed the marble top workshop and I’m hooked!”

July 2018, Lisa, UK

“I adore this Jonathon❤. I can almost reach in and feel the texure❤.”

July 2018, @ironorchid_design

“I took the class and learned LOADS! Thank you again for sharing your experience with us Jonathon 👍.”

July 2018, Thea, UK

“Oh wow stunning pieces again Johnathon. One real talented person you are. Giving credit where it is due you are one amazing artist let alone a stunning person :)”
July 2018, Charmaine, South Africa

“Jonathon, you are such an inspiration to all, keep up the great work 😘.”

July 2018, Susan

“I love to learn more old world techniques like chippy paint, antiquing, multiple layers of colour. Can never get enough of this vintage look!  Love what you’re doing always!”

July 2018, Linda, Canada

“Thanks so much Jonathan. I really enjoyed watching you work your magic. Inspired me to give the techniques shown a go. Hope you found a new pair of shorts after getting them covered in paint 🤣.”

July 2018, Gaynor, UK

“Your talent is amazing! Love this piece and I am learning and enjoying your Painted Love course so much! Ladies, you need the Painted Love course if you want to take your painting to the next level.”
July 2018, @maryjenney

“I am so excited to learn from you. I would like to learn the marbling and rust techniques.”

July 2018, Lindy, New Zealand

“This is simply beautiful…your presentation is second to none, your photography & how you style & stage your pieces actually makes you want to enter the room & touch it xx.”

July 2018, Linda, UK

“I really enjoyed the video and I am looking forward to practicing this as I have a piece I want to use the marble technique on. I am very excited to go through the rest of the course. You are such an amazing artist.”
July 2018, Mary, USA

“Very talented guy 💙…. love your work so much.”

July 2018, Mandy, UK

“Thanks a lot for wonderful lesson!”

July 2018, Cakarne, Latvia

“Jonathon, I loved watching this tutorial today! I just love your infectious enthusiasm – I think I will always be able to learn from you and hope that we will get the opportunity to meet again and paint together. You are such font of knowledge and creativity. I love how you brought the handles back with the honfleur and graphite mix as well as the gilding wax – genius! Much love Verity xx.”

July 2018, Verity, UK

“This technique was a definet ‘wait for it’. I chose to do a lamp base and it was so much fun to go through the different visual eye candy that was produced through each stage. It was the last layer that brought it all together and there it was, Painted Rust. Loved this project, can hardly wait to do it again.”

July 2018, Nanci, USA

“Intrigued with using a spritzer to put paint on subtly….amazingly creative, endless ideas to learn from.”

July 2018, @nancijopandolfi

“Thank you so so much for your tutorial today, I’ve learned so much and I am so inspired, can’t wait to start trialing your techniques, look forward to the feather piece! Hope to see you again xx.”

July 2018, Caroline, UK

“Loved the tutorial on Marbling. Didn’t think I could do it but first attempt was so gratifying!! Can’t wait to do the rust tutorial. Thank you Jonathon.”

July 2018, Lindy, New Zealand

“Wow – amazing attention to detail – perfect 👌🏼.”

July 2018, Claire, UK

“Thank You soooo much for the opportunity of following your workshops from home! I love your style, your kindness and your way of teaching! Brilliant and in some ways so familiar! Have a Beautiful Day! Ciao!”

July 2018, Laura, Italy

“Thank you for your lessons!”

July 2018, Rayna, UK

“Thanks for the learnings at yesterday’s workshop!”

June 2018, @madphilomena

“I am speechless, you are a genius, that talent, this is beyond beautiful!!!!”

June 2018, Wanda, USA

“Thank you for this gift, I really enjoyed this class. Your advices help me reach another level, I normally try to paint intuitively but a little help here and there can be quite a push. You seem such a lovely person, it’s really a joy watching, learning and to feel reassured in what I do!”

June 2018, @katillie

“Oh my goodness that is stunning 😍 You are so talented and so humble with it 😊 Right that’s it, I’m enrolling on your online courses.”

June 2018, Trudi, UK

“Amazing! I’ve always wanted to try something like this!”

June 2018, Jackie

“I wish I could paint like this. Excellent work.”

June 2018, @snameolv_enna

“This is the most beautiful piece of painted furniture I’ve ever seen! I wish it was in my home! Stunning! I’m in.”

June 2018, Jennifer, USA

“That is amazing work. Stunningly beautiful & whimsical. I absolutely LOVE it.”

June 2018, Carolyn

“Wow! This is a masterpiece. Soooooo wonderful, magnificent, breathtaking!!! Just love it. You are so talented Jonathon.”

June 2018, Sylvie, Canada

“Jonathon Marc Mendes-Painted Love .. I love it! You are super talented.”

June 2018, Gill

“You did it again! Your work never ceases to amaze me. The Painted Love Academy has been the best learning tool for me, far above others. No one does finishes like JMM and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!”

June 2018, Lori, USA

“Wow … you’re so so good. Your talent that should be reflected on canvas is applied to furniture taking it to a level we’ve rarely seen before. Such a blessing you are!!”

June 2018, Kimberly

“Will definitely watch – the marble effect tutorial which was free is also amazing!!! Thank you you are very talented!!”

June 2018, @myhousemyhomedecor

“Your work is as astoundingly stunning as ever and just gets better and better – well done JMM you’re an inspiration !!”

June 2018, Jo, UK

“Not generally a fan of this type of thing but that one is really, really special. Well done.”

June 2018, Tishy

“A MASTERPIECE. Your talent is outstanding!”

June 2018, Janet, USA

“Great artist and uses Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in ways I never knew”

June 2018, Kara

“I’m about to repaint a small chest, and you’ve inspired me to try to do a landscape on it. This is just wonderful!”

June 2018, @jan_johnson_1960

“Thanks Jonathon!! So very kind of you. I’ve been a fan of your work for some time now so imagine my delight at finding out you were coming to Australia this year!! I have already signed up for your faded grandeur workshop, it is by far my favourite style of yours!”

June 2018, Patricia, Australia

“Just stunning. The art and the execution. Both exquisite.”

June 2018, Lusi, USA

“Your work inspires so many Jonathon.”

June 2018, Louise

“Yayyyyy! Thank you for your generosity Jonathan!”

June 2018, Tina, USA

“Absolutely love it…one of the best pieces I’ve seen, wish it was mine! X.”

June 2018, Marie, UK

“How have you thought this up! Honestly fascinated by your work it’s so unique and beautiful!”

June 2018, Erin

“You truly are incredibly talented. Thank you for inspiring us.”

June 2018, Jen, USA

“Thank you for the $4 tutorial. I am so excited to see it when I can find some time. I can’t usually afford on-line classes, and I have long dreamed of painting on furniture. Have done a little but need more professional approach. I am anxious to learn!”

June 2018, @jan_johnson_1960

“So clever… Love how creative you are and intuitive with what’s going to make that piece of furniture pop… Sets you far apart from other furniture painters..”

June 2018, Leanne, New Zealand

“I’m amazed by that rust effect, can’t believe it’s paint.”

June 2018, Ashley, UK

“What a master piece. Will make anyone feel at home. Your work is breathtaking. Absolutely outstanding.”

June 2018, Cobie, South Africa

“Loved, loved, loved this! Thank you so much – looking forward to my next tutorial. Now I’m off to get my brushes out……..”

June 2018, Nicola, UK

“I have always loved your ‘painted’ pieces but the your paintings are getting ever more detailed every time!! Its incredibly tranquil.”

June 2018, @ruthphilps

“I have just seen your post on your rust pieces which has really whet my appetite to enrol in that masterclass even more. You are very inspirational and your work is absolutely amazing!!”

June 2018, Trudi, UK

“After watching the free marbelizing tutorial I got enough nerve to do my kitchen counters and they are fabulous.”

June 2018, Elizabeth, Canada

“When I saw your work it is fabulous how many new horizons you can teach someone beginner!!!!”

June 2018, Ιλιάδα, Greece

“I have been looking at the videos you are posting and they are so so impressive. I live and have my business in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and enjoy keeping up with learning new methods etc. Incidentally, your work is just amazing and I love love the furniture makeovers you are doing. Many thanks for sharing your work.”

June 2018, Sheelagh, Saudi Arabia 

“Fantastic, I love your work!”

June 2018, Karen, USA

“Thank you. You are a fabulously talented and generous gentleman.”

June 2018, Majella, Ireland

“You are such an inspiration! So glad I found your page. Signing up now! Thank you for sharing your talent with us all.

June 2018, @mamaansty

“Thoroughly enjoyed every minute, fabulous results, look forward to trying this myself. Gives me the confidence watching your tutorial, amazing technique x”

June 2018, Fiona, UK

“I’m so grateful for the special rate for this class. I took it right away and learned a lot. Thank you, Jonathon!”

June 2018, Anne, USA

“Wonderful work. Stunning / magical.”

June 2018, Kaye

“Isn’t it interesting how paint styles are influenced by our location. I’m on the coast and I’m all big skies and crashing seas a la Turner. Not that I’ve done that on furniture…yet! Great piece Jonathon!”

June 2018, Michelle, UK

“Wonderful Jonathon as always. So many tips and tricks, thankyou. And thankyou for the discount on this one, much appreciated.”

June 2018, Su, Australia

“Wow! Perfecting your craft and teaching others is an amazing career. Well done x.”

June 2018, Tina, UK

“I highly recommend this great techniques class. Tho I’ve painted for years there were nuggets and the price is ridiculous — a gift! It is jam packed with information!”

June 2018, @colettegeorge

“I so wish I had your talent! And yes, I think a piece of furniture with beautiful lines is the perfect place for artistic expression!”

June 2018, Vickie, USA

“Thankyou Jonathon for your usual easy and informative approach to creating a superb finished piece. You are a true artist with your natural flair and ‘give it a go attitude‘ that is so inspiring to someone who cannot ‘always let go in that manner’. Your enthusiasm never wanes and your generous manner regarding your hints and tips is invaluable. Thanks for the offer of your tutorial, I hope to perhaps create a piece with the marbled top effect and the wet distress look on a small bargain buy cupboard which I’ve recently acquired. Congratulations again on your World tour teaching your techniques.”

June 2018, Wendy, UK

“Wow wow wow!!! You are truly gifted.”

June 2018, Rene

“Thank you so much for the marble tutorial! I am absolutely amazed with your talent!”

June 2018, @furniturebyanastasia

“I have tried your marble teknik. Just love it. I also tried to do it with dark background and white marble stripes. It did not work. I have to try a little bit more.”

June 2018, Pinkitis, Sweden

“Hi Jonathon. Thanks for taking precious time to send me such a lengthy reply. I will definitely be signing up for some of the classes in the next few days. So excited! Your work is so inspiring.”

June 2018, Reina, South Africa

“Highly recommend no matter your skill level. Jam packed with information!”
June 2018, @colettegeorge

“Oh my goodness!!! You are so humble but seriously, you’re amazing.”
June 2018, Halo, USA

“Love your tutorials Jonathon, it’s as if your in the room with me 😄 my very own private teacher.”
June 2018, Jacqueline, UK

“I’m just in the process of trying out your marbling technique after watching your brill video. Love your work.”

June 2018, @wildrosefurnitureuk

“Thank you Jonathon. I absolutely love your work and your personal story is a testament to your character. I have been painting for about 5 or 6 years..the more complicated my ideas the happier I am. I research..spend a lot of time combing the internet for ideas or just inspiration. My work has evolved as I feel if I can imagine it I can do it. I am very detailed and very layered in my design which is why I follow you.”

June 2018, Nanci, USA

“It was a pleasure meeting you in ubstadt-weiher for this gorgeous workshop. Really inspiring. You are a fantastic artist and such a nice person. Hope to see you again next year.”

June 2018, Lydia, Germany

“Love the marble technique! I’ve been having a go myself x.”

June 2018, Connie, UK

“Words typically escape me when I look at your work. You are the Vince van Gogh of furniture painting. Just magnificent!”

June 2018, @susans_hidden_treasures

“I have watched many videos on wet distressing; however, I have not seen this particular technique anywhere. The look that was created is amazing. There are so many helpful tips through out the video in addition to the actual wet distressing. The entire video is very informative. Thanks so much for the all the details and tips. I will definitely be purchasing more videos. Thanks so much for offering this video for ‘pennies’ so we all can get a taste of what to expect in the others you offer!”
June 2018, Susan, USA

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June 2018, Maria, South Africa

“Thank you for this video – I love your work and it’s a beautiful end result. I’m excited to have a go on a mucky old brown welsh dresser I just got for £25!”

June 2018, Thea, UK

“Thanks for a great class. I love your comments about supporting your local store, being self taught and discovering techniques by accident. I created a marble effect – before I had any awareness of the possibility of creating such a texture – purely by accident and using a completely different technique to yours. Love the versatility of Annie Sloan products and seeing the boundaries being blasted out by talented adventurers such as yourself.”

June 2018, Nicola, Australia

“I just went through all your past post. And WOW is in order. I just loved looking at all your creations. I noticed you have a style. That is something we are searching for. We so much want to create our own style. We believe this is what will make us not just smile at our piece but LOVE IT.”

June 2018, @shabbysistersoregon

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May 2018, Dean, USA

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May 2018, Susan, South Africa

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May 2018, Sue

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May 2018, Irida, Greece

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May 2018, @heidijohnson1

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May 2018, Lisa, USA

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May 2018, Zelda, New Zealand

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April 2018, Betty

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April 2018, @beachfrontfinishes

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April 2018, Celeste, USA

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April 2018, Mona

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April 2018, Teri

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April 2018, @terracottafurniture

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April 2018, @shabbily_fabulous

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April 2018, Muby, United Arab Emirates

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April 2018, Julie, USA

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April 2018, @addierosecottage

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March 2018, Susan, South Africa

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March 2018, Chris, South Africa

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March 2018, Helen, Australia

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March 2018, @homewithally

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February 2018, Sondos, North Africa

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February 2018, Cara

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February 2018, Noel, USA

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February 2018, Els, Belgium

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February 2018, Sylvia, UK