I receive so many customer reviews and comments from all around the world by email, on my Facebook page, on Instagram or here on my blog so I’d like to share my favourite snippets with you!

I truly loved every minute of your master class tutorials. Your teaching style is so relaxed and makes me feel like I can do anything! Thank you Jonathon for bringing some inspiration back into my painting!


Thanks so much Jonathon for making these wonderful tutorial videos, they are such a great help and you have the knack of making things sound SO easy! I am in the middle of a painting job which I will post, but its a huge Abaya Armoire and taking me days to finish. As soon as I am done I am going to try this marbling technique. So happy I finally joined your group.

Saudi Arabia

You are absolutely in the right place, Jonathon. Your work is AMAZING and you are a fabulous teacher. I was also struck with how down to earth and modest you are. you for a wonderful day

Suffolk UK

I want to learn new skills, improve the ones I have. You have already helped me immensely. I love your Instagram videos. I love that you don’t interrupt your teaching with responding to comments. I gave up watching other stars in this painting world because I couldn’t stand the slavish attention to and answering of comments. I find your videos easy to watch. I think you are charming! I will be exploring more.


Could watch you all day!! Of all the painters I watch you are by far my fav – you have definitely met your calling… not only are you an amazing instructor you make it look so easy!!! Have learned so much & excited to learn more. You’re amazing.


Dear Jonathon, I’m so excited about your masterclass program! I have watched your how-to videos for a couple of years now and have learned so much. For whatever reason, you are just that teacher from whom I learn best. I’m something of a connoisseur of chalk paint tutorials and I seem to just “get” yours!


The workshop was a great success, all stockists on both days really enjoyed and learned so much from Jonathon. He is so wonderful to work with, relaxed, charming and so encouraging to everyone. They were super excited to have him mentor them and all were so pleased to be photographed with him. He was the perfect guest and there will always be an open door for him in my home.


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