The love of painting furniture for me is all in the transformation. This relatively modern sideboard came to me with some deep scratches in the top, so I decided to remove the old finish back down to the natural wood and used Graphite as a stain. It’s a really solid piece with lots of practical storage so it was well worth replenishing its natural beauty to become a useful piece of furniture for kitchen or dining room once again. With one coat of clear wax, two coats of dark wax and lots of elbow grease, eventually you have a newly restored piece of wood!















The bottom half of the piece was a custom mix of three parts Giverny to one part Florence. I decided to heavily distress the paint work using my wet distress technique to reveal large areas of the original finish. I also used a technique called flyspeck to create age marks in the patina with Honfleur.

Now the piece is ready for its new journey…


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