A sympathetic ‘gentleman’ style bureau refresh

When one of my local furniture suppliers contacted me and said she had an old piece of furniture at the back of her storage unit that needed a little TLC, I said of course I’ll give it a go. Much to my surprise how beautiful this piece of furniture was, I knew it needed treating in a very sympathetic way, hence my colour choice of a mix of three quarters Olive Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan and one quarter Amsterdam Green.


Clear waxed and then lots of dark wax, I felt that this would contrast well with some of the natural wood that I wanted to retain. Also the leather insert had considerable damage so I chose to remove it and paint it in Honfleur to create a new leather finish, adding some of Annie’s new Bright Gold Gilding Wax through a stencil for the design. I also put a touch of Copper Gilding Wax on the hardware.


Now I think this old man can smile again….

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