JMM on tour – back to Greece!

Okay, some of you may have realised that I’ve gone a little quiet recently on my Facebook page and Jonathon Marc Mendes Instagram. The reason for this is that I have been traveling in Greece. Whilst there I have been teaching and demonstrating at one of the largest DIY crafting events in Athens. It is a wonderful event, attracting hundreds of delegates from across Greece. I had the pleasure of teaching, on stage, some of my favourite faded grandeur painting hacks (among other furniture painting techniques).

Here I am in full flow, with a radio microphone speaking to huge crowds of passionate painters as I work!

It was wonderful to have Elsa on hand, in her famous English Yellow trousers, translating for me. What a legend!

You can see some video of the event in you click on the link to ‘events for Annie Sloan Greece’ on my workshops page. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Annie Sloan Greece and the very wonderful Elsa Koppasi of Wood-picker for looking after me so well and for making all this happen.








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