I am thrilled that I can finally share some exciting news with you. I was recently asked to be a celebrity paint instructor in Jennifer Allwood’s Paint Finish of the Month Club. It’s really important to me that all the tutorials I create are really special and useful and this was no exception, so I wanted to create something special for Jennifer’s famous online training community.

My rockstar painting slot debuts in Jennifer’s Paint Finish of the Month community on 6th August with a brand new and very exciting Saltwash Verdigris technique that is super useful for all sorts of home decor, as well as pots, lampbases, vases and statues. It is filmed in the same way as all the tutorials in my Painted Love Academy using HD video, with two camera angles, music and full insights of the whole project. It is not just paint on board, it’s a fully detailed project you can use at home.


If you have not come across Jennifer before she is a lovely, bubbly, energetic lady from the Midwest in America who turned her passion for painting into an online business. Jennifer started with a decorative painting business in Kansas City, Missouri and grew a loyal following via her DIY blog: themagicbrushinc.com.

Her style is “comfortable glam”, design ideas, and DIY projects. Jen loves luxe, colour and lots of sparkle. I greatly admire her passion and energy and the way she teaches and inspires DIYers how to paint new finishes and learn the latest techniques in her community.

Jennifer has been featured in numerous national publications like DIY Network, ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Country Living and USA Today.

If you would like to learn how to create this exclusive new Jonathon Marc Mendes Verdigris paint finish technique, click here.

By joining Jen you will also able to tap into all the other fabulous finishes there too. There’s so many stand-out projects and ways of adding value to your home or your painting business.

Enjoy x

PS. If you do join Paint Finish of the Month Club group please use my link as it will let Jen know that I sent you and earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you.

***UPDATE*** For all those of you asking me where you can find Saltwash

Click here for Saltwash in the USA and Canada

Click here for Saltwash in the UK, Ireland and Europe

And as a special offer from Saltwash enjoy 10% off just use paintedlove coupon at checkout.





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