There’s something about working with Saltwash that seems to draw me back to my roots by the sea. Having been born and raised in Cleethorpes, in North East Lincolnshire, I just love the coastal vibe and regularly walk by the sea. As much as I was determined to steer clear of the salt aired, sun baked seaside vibe that the brand do so well by adding Saltwash to paint, I came across this quirky piece of wood from Grimsby docks and felt compelled to make something with a nod to my coastal community too. So here it is…

When creating something rustic and textured, very little preparation is required, which suits me brilliantly as I’m always keen to start picking colours and get painting!

For this quick and easy project, a first coat of Annie Sloan’s Paris Grey was applied, then a second coat mixed up using Saltwash with Annie Sloan’s Provence to built up a lovely depth and texture. I used a stippling motion to apply all over, creating gentle peaks and weather worn textures. I then did the exact same thing but using a little less in random areas with shots of Annie Sloan’s Emperor’s Silk mixed with Saltwash.

Between every coat, I left it to dry in full to ensure texture and colours weren’t compromised. Then finally, I gave the whole piece a full, rich and glorious coat of Annie Sloan’s Aubusson Blue.

Once that was fully dry, I used my electric sander in key areas, as well as sand paper in hard to get to places, to reveal all the other colours that were showing through from underneath.

For me, this adds to its imagined nautical heritage, as the colours I chose could easily be from the hull of an old trawler nestled in the old Grimsby Fish Dock all those years ago. I then used clear and dark wax on the whole piece to protect and add depth.

Finally, to complete this #SaltwashSeptember transformation from piece of old timber to useful home decor, I measured equal spacing for 8 antiqued coat hooks. I then drilled pilot holes in the reverse of the timber to countersink the screws for a neat finish.

What do you think? Have you been working with Saltwash yourself? I’d love to see your projects and share the inspiration. Please post using #SaltwashSeptember and look out for some exciting news coming later this week. As ever if you have any questions please shout, post on my Facebook page or on Instagram.


In August 2018 I became Saltwash Global Creative Ambassador. As a thank you for a year of helping inspire others Saltwash offered to give me a small commission from August 2019 on any sales or referrals that come through them if you follow links from my page.

Also as an extra treat to my readers you can save 10% off Saltwash online when you quote JMM at checkout.


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