I’ve always loved Chinoiserie style furniture and been in awe at the wonderful hand-painting techniques that make them stand out. Although I can hand-paint, (totally self-taught) I recently found a way of using Iron Orchid Designs to ‘cheat’ a little on the complexities that creating this type of furniture can present if you don’t feel confident as an artist. I used layers of different shades with Iron Orchid Design birds and branches, roses and craquelure décor stamps to add detail. And was so pleased with the result.

Chinoiserie made easy with Iron Orchid Design and clever paint layers

For those of you who’ve bought 2 or more workshops or are in my 6-week Masterclass, you will have already seen a special live on this in my closed Painted Love Academy Students group.

After this project was finished, I had some fun with my students, explaining how I approach styling and staging and showing my process with different backdrops and borrowed props.

Which background do you prefer? Which better sells the piece?

You can see from the photographs above what a difference the colour background can make to the piece. It can change the whole look, which elements pop out in sympathy with the background and which are lost. I often paint different background on simple MDF board using whatever paints I have in the workshop. It allows me to alter mood and interior style.

Students in my Painted Love Academy group said they really enjoyed it, and it was great for me to get that feedback.  All my online tutorials include styling tips. Staging and photographing my work in the right setting to truly showcase each piece in its very best light is one of the favourite aspects of what I do.

I will definitely do more of this interactive teaching and you’ll be pleased to know, even more fresh styling ideas and images are included in the next batch of ‘outside the box’ online tutorials recently kicked off with the long awaited Faux Leather Look Chair.

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