First coat on my demonstration piece – by popular request it was all about Faded Grandeur!

On Monday I had a wonderful time visiting the Netherlands for the very first time by invitation of Annie Sloan Europe HQ where I taught about 20 Annie Sloan paint stockists three signature techniques of mine that they voted for in the run up to my visit. What a great day we had, exploring my favourite painted patinas of my Marble technique (free if you register here) and Industrial Rust shown below.

Jonathon Marc Mendes Rust workshop
Spot you spot all my favourite colours that go into creating such realistic rust?

It was no surprise to me that everyone I met was a great painter, as well as such lovely people, such fun and so welcoming. I was incredibly well looked after by my hosts – you can get a taster just by looking at the amazing buffet!

What a fabulous spread laid on for lunch – it was all absolutely delicious and so kind!

I also had the pleasure of meeting Belen from Dress It Up. As a student in my Painted Love Academy we have been online friends for quite some time and it was lovely to be able to put a face to the name of such great talent!

Meeting my students in real life is fabulous!

For my demonstration piece, I worked on a lovely little chest of drawers already painted white to create a piece of Faded Grandeur. As you can see in the first photograph I created a base of Duck Egg and blended in some Provence with an Honfleur wash to pick out the detail. Clear wax and a little of my signature fly speck.

Jonathon Marc Mendes Faded Grandeur Annie Sloan Europe Demo Day
Using a soft cloth for a little Wet Distress technique with an Honfleur wash to pick out details

Finally we worked a little on photography, staging and styling. It’s always been my favourite part of any project. All my online tutorials include a bonus resource ‘Style it Out’ of styling, hints and tips and the HD videos include me styling the piece ready for photography.

Jonathon iPhone photography tips at Annie Sloan Europe

There’s a lot you can do with an iPhone if you get on the right level with your piece and create some interesting close-ups. With this kind of furniture it’s always about texture and detail. I often lie on the floor to get the best shot of my textured brushstrokes, wax contouring or fly specks!

Close up on Faded Grandeur, Wet Distress by Jonathon Marc Mendes
Close-up detail of work in progress that truly reveals the character of this piece.

Thank you so much to Paulien and Melanie for arranging this trip and to all the stockists who made me feel so incredibly welcome. If you want to get a feel for my visit you can come with me on the virtual tour of my trip to Annie Sloan Europe from leaving my house at 4.30am (I am getting used to it!) to returning home on the evening flight on my Instagram stories.

Revealing the white base, fly speck and rubbed back hardware for a touch of grandeur

Germany and Ireland are coming up next – so watch this space!

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