I have a thing for texture and antiqued patinas as those of you who’ve followed me for a while will know. In the search for ever more creative backdrops for my painted furniture, I think I might have found something that suits my style. What do you guys think?

I recently created the wall above when I got to play with a few interesting products given to me by Autentico. Staging and photography is a really big part of what I do in teaching furniture painting online in my Painted Love Academy so I’m always looking for ways to stop the scroll.

I couldn’t resist adding my own industrial rust painted details to the Volterra!

I created these fabulous textured wallscapes in my workshop using a product called Volterra which is similar to Venetian Plaster. It does require a bit of technique and swift work with a trowel as you move the product around and polish it up. I think the results are worth it.

I also got to have a play with Autentico Venice which is a slaked lime paint which is water based and goes over a base coat, so perfect for heritage buildings and restorations or just creating the kind of space where you want a feature wall – like here above where I used the colour Massai with a few others flecks of Dried Moss to showcase my little hand-painted cabinet.

I was gifted Volterra and Venice paints by Autentico and am very grateful. I chose to create these styled photographs and share in my blog myself as I loved the results I got even first time. I really enjoyed having a play and forward to experimenting further!

* Since posting this blog Autentico has very kindly offered to give anyone following my links to purchase their products 10% off. 

I will receive a small commission as a thank you.

If you’d like to try Venice Lime Paint or Volterra any product whatsoever please head over to Autentico and use code JMM for tdiscount.


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