It’s hard to believe it’s almost the end of 2019 – where has this year gone? For me it’s been the usual whirlwind of travel, live teaching, filming tutorials, styling articles, doing Grand Designs Live twice and achieving the next step of our dream home by moving into the ‘House of Mendes’! A wonderful Edwardian home where Dinis can get stuck into the garden and I can experiment and share some more of my thrifty renovation techniques! You can follow our progress on my Instagram on IGTV!

In addition to teaching and demos overseas, I did manage to fit in three Paint Pro Inspo Events this year at my workshop in Caistor, Lincolnshire.

These are co-hosted with my ‘Girl Fridays’, Sarah and Ire at Bricktree Gallery, who ensure these days are organised to a fine art with ‘show and tell’ demos and hands-on practical projects and a social get-together.

“I thoroughly enjoyed everything that we did over the Sunday and Sunday evening! I can’t fault anything. I felt welcome, at ease, able to ask for help and felt that I gained lots of information and confidence from Jonathon and Sarah. I was very looked after and made to feel part of the team. Also learnt from the other painters who were all very lovely and knowledgeable. The workshop space is perfect even with many of us there was ample room, everything was to hand and well organised. I feel inspired and feel that I can take this forward. Sincerely I look forward to the next workshop!”

My plan for 2020 is to try and stay closer to home, mindful of reducing my carbon footprint by flying less and reusing more. So before I release the dates of my Paint Pro Inspo Days at The Loft for 2020 – plus news of my First Ever UK Tour – I thought it might be nice to show you guys a little of what goes on behind the scenes when paint professionals come together and learn to push the creative boundaries with new paints and good products.

A huge thanks goes to our official photographer at The Loft, the super talented Beki Doig who has an amazing gift for capturing creatives as they share their passion without them even noticing. I’m thrilled to say she’s joining me on part of my UK Tour this year. Beki usually photographs bands at The Engine Shed in Lincoln, so I hope that makes me a bit of a rock star!

Remember you can reduce your carbon footprint too by joining my online Painted Love Academy for 2 free tutorials and 12 to buy if you register here.

You will also get priority notice of all my Events which get updated here.

Plus I also share special offers, discount codes and new ideas for paint pros.

If you make or market creative painty / refinishing / home decor products that would be a good fit for the House of Mendes or in my workshops – please get in touch! It is a great way to directly reach the best pro painters.

“I was incredibly excited leading up to the workshop and I wasn’t disappointed. It is very inspiring seeing Jonathon at work, his mind doesn’t seem to stop, it’s fantastic!! It is also great to talk to other creatives, seeing what they do and learning new things from everyone. Sarah is an absolute star in her own right, planning, preparing and organising everything brilliantly. I’m sure the mix of people can make or break these type of events. I’m very grateful that I’ve now attended two courses with such an amazing group of women. I can’t wait for the next one!”

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