Where the magic happens – walls, woodwork using paint and floor using vinyl tiles all transformed to a softer palette.

I have always been impatient when it comes to home decor and luckily for me, Mr M is the same, so he is more than happy to help with the prep and painting walls and woodwork so we get a step closer to our dream home.

In the case of our Edwardian dining room, come breakfast room, we weren’t initially in total agreement. I wanted to paint the pine straightaway and he wanted to keep it. You might have seen the debate over on my Instagram stories where I do almost daily vlogs of the process and asked my followers for their views. As always there are always mixed opinions.

Here is the before of the room so you can understand and appreciate the dilemma. I liked the soft green but not on the walls and there was no subtly with the orange everywhere – the floor, the cupboard, the doors and the brick and tiles – so this was our BEFORE:

This room is a really charming size, en route from the hall to the kitchen, with a lovely space offset just inside the window for a table and chairs. This allows the fireplace to take centre stage as you enter the room (you can see the fireplace transformation here). The room shape gives the table its own gravitas in front of the impressive pine cupboards. The blinds of course would have to go to allow me to frame the view of the table perfectly with a painted window. With good grace, Mr M agreed to trust my judgement and those who agreed with me online (thanks guys!) and give the green light to painting. In fact, pine like this would have been painted in the past, it’s only modern taste for stripping that has grown our passion for raw wood.

Primed for a new look – Autentico Versante Eggshell

Now seemed the perfect opportunity to try out the much talked about Versante Washable Walls & Furniture paints from Autentico. Having made friends with Layla last year, when she kindly came to my workshop to show me Volterra and Venice, I asked her advice on what to use. After much deliberation, as the colour choice is huge and wonderful, I finally settled on Neutral in Versante Matt for the walls and Frozen Fountain in Versante Eggshell for the woodwork, architrave door frames, skirting and window frames. I first painted the pine in a grey tinted primer to give a perfect base for the paint and cut down on the number of layers for coverage.

My inspiration for this room was to blend my favourite elements of an English country farmhouse with a fresh Scandinavian modern feel to create a space for relaxed dining, easy to live in and with a relaxed and calm vibe.

Cupboard & window furniture picked out in black for a country feel with new floor panels

You can see clearly in the above photo the softer colour scheme working together with neutrals, greens and softly aged wood. I laid these new floor coverings from B&Q over the top of the old laminate floor to create a softer base to work walls, woodwork and my refinished Victorian table which you can read about separately.

I am so happy with how this room turned out. I also painted a mahogany dresser and refinished our old Victorian dining table to suit the space and bring it all together on time and on budget. It is now such a fresh and restful space where me & Mr M eat breakfast in the sunshine or relax in the evenings over a meal. It really deserved to be a special room in its own right instead of somewhere to pass through en route to the kitchen.

Huge thanks to Layla for providing all the paint and for offering 10% off for any of my followers who want to try such a transformation yourself. Just follow my links to the Autentico global site and use discount code JMM at checkout. You’ll get 10% discount and I will receive a small commission as a thank you.

How do you like the colours I have chosen, I’d love to know what you think.

Resources (if you purchase from these links I will receive a small commission as a thank you):


Vinyl peel & stick Rustic Wood tiles

Autentico Versante
Neutral on the Walls

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