I just wanted to share this event with you. Happening next Friday 27th November over on my Instagram feed at 9am for me in the UK and 7.30pm over in Australia, I will be talking to someone I admire so much in the furniture painting and home decor world.

I do hope you can join me to talk all things Paint and Patina with my lovely painting friend Jane Bereton of Plain Jane Furniture in Australia. Jane will be in her workshop in the Adelaide Hills and I will be in my home studio in Grimsby in the UK.

One of the things I love about this incredible journey that paint has taken me on is the people I have been lucky enough to meet, either virtually or in real life, or as is often the case, online then in real life then virtually again!

One such inspiring fellow painter is Jane Bereton who was one of the very first students to join my Painted Love Academy back in 2018 when I first opened the doors.

New to painting Jane was creating pieces with standout style near enough instantly and I recognised her incredible talent from the off.

We then met in real life when I was invited by the organisers to headline the Makers & Painters Market in Melbourne in November 2018.

Me and Jane really hit it off as we share a passion for creating depth and texture in our pieces and using paint to tell a story – of past lives, past loves, past histories.

Not just in furniture but in backdrops and feature walls like this Volterra wall I created below…

Autentico gifted Volterra to me and I will receive a small commission for any sales if you purchase from me link.

Jane’s pieces and background patinas always grab my attention on social media so I cannot wait to catch up with her next week and find out more about how career has progressed in bringing Autentico to the Adelaide Hills and sharing her skills and passion in workshops and now tutorials too.

I know I am going to learn so much from talking with Jane and I’m sure you will too.

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