Christmas is coming…

Nothing goes to waste in the house of Mendes… I couldn’t resist recycling my old Annie Sloan paint cans and turning them into Christmas candle lanterns. Aubusson Blue, Gold Size, Metallic Leaf, a drill, a paper star template plus a little bit of elbow grease and you have yourself a simple festive decoration for your table or mantlepiece!

To see how I did this follow the step by step pictures….

Take your old paint cans and wash them thoroughly.

Create a template of your design to fit the side of the can and use it to drill holes that will let the light twinkle through.

Paint your recycled paint tins with a lovely rich dark colour like Aubusson Blue or Primer Red.

Allow to dry thoroughly then coat the outside with a thin layer of Gold Size (this is the special glue for using with leaf). You need to allow it to dry to a bluey translucency and you know it is ready to apply the leaf.

As you can see above I have used gold coloured leaf, which is actually Brass Leaf loose and very delicate. You could also use transfer leaf which comes attached to a sheet. For the loose leaf it’s good to use a soft brush to apply. Little bits may break off and this adds to the appeal as you can see shades of your chosen colour flickering in the light.

Simply place a small tealight or candle inside. For reasons of safety a battery candle is perfect. If you do use real candles it goes without saying, I hope, to take extreme care and never leave unattended.

For me this kind of design works particularly well as a trio, with a variety of patterns created as you can see. The real joy is each one is 100% unique to you and your home.

If you have any Christmas lantern creative ideas or festive tealight holders I’d love to hear them.

What do you do with your old paint cans? Again, please share your ideas in comments below.

***December 2019 update ***

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