Create your own lead planter with decorative ironwork embellishment!

How would you like to make this charming rustic planter? It’s a design, build and paint DIY project that has taken me so long to launch because I have had such a ridiculously busy year! Firstly I was setting up home in my workshop at The Loft in Caistor where we filmed lots of new tutorials for my Painted Love Academy – Fabric Leather Look Chair, Fabric Decoupage Wardrobe and this one which I’m calling Decorative Ironwork Embellishment but could be Faux Lead Planter!

I did intend to share it in the late spring but I was teaching in Germany and then Ireland. By the summer I had been asked to be the featured artisan in the monthly Made in Britain article in November’s 2019 Period Living (see below), as well as doing Grand Designs Live in May in London at the Upcycling Hub and with my student Nick Spencer on the Design & Build Forum in Birmingham in October! I also demoed at Sunny Bank Mills in Leeds for the lovely Paintstock ladies and hosted a super event with the Iron Orchid Design sisters in London in September so before you know it another year goes flying by!

Jonathon demos IOD at the Elgin with Sally and Maddy from IOD looking on

Then came the biggest stress of all, moving house to an Edwardian period home to start our third home renovation project. You might have caught some of my lives taking you around the house to show you what we have to work with over on Facebook. So no wonder it’s taken me a while to get around to sharing this decorative ironwork planter which I created using Saltwash and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. 

Not only that, but I decided that I should actually share it freely. A few things have happened lately which have made me feel hugely grateful for the life I have and the opportunities I have been given so I wanted to give back. Not everyone is so lucky. Now seemed like the perfect time to share a tutorial more widely by posting it on my You Tube channel so that anyone wondering whether to join or not could see the style and quality of my videos. For those of you who followed me from the beginning you might remember when I first started out furniture painting in my garden, it was my husband Dinis, as the cameraman, all done live and pretty much unedited!

Over the last 3 years, I have read plenty of comments there about the poor quality of the audio and not being able to hear what I am saying over the birds singing in the garden! When I get chance, I do comment and try to explain that at that time, I’d never even sent an email in my life and only just joined Facebook to share my painting projects so it was early days and I literally had no idea what I was doing!

More recently it occurred to me, that any painters who might be considering joining my Academy, might think the videos for my online tutoring were like that! Happily, if you’re in the Painted Love Academy, you will know that isn’t the case. With that feedback I got and my own obsession with helping others and trying to be the best I can, it felt massively important to me to I make sure that my video teaching was as high quality as possible.

Each of my Painted Love Academy tutorials come with a 4-part lesson including a list of materials, extra hints and hacks, styling tips and most important of all an HD video, shot on multiple cameras by a professional videography team. The aim was to be like a TV show inspired by the early days of Jamie Oliver as the Naked Chef when he just spoke passionately about what he was doing with food. Imagine me doing similar but with paint! Each video takes weeks to edit, to ensure the whole process is just right and seamless for the viewer so that anyone, beginner or experienced painter, can just pick up a paint brush and create a brilliant end result.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what you’re missing out on behind the closed doors of the Painted Love Academy, grab a cuppa, and head over to my You Tube channel, where you can get a taste for what’s going on in my classes! Remember – it’s only this one that’s the equivalent quality to my paid classes! None the less, you might enjoy seeing the difference between then and now and feel inspired as to how we can all grow and learn!

If you do want to take if further then simply register here to step into my online classes. Look out for the opt in email, then a welcome email and you’ll jump into 2 further quick workshops for free – How to Paint Marble and my famous One Brush Blend. You can click here to find out what a few of my graduates have to say.

Once you’ve mastered my decorative ironwork embellishment there’s no end to where you will use it! Same concept but using the colours from Saltwash Verdigris!






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