In a world that’s gone mad with consumption and buying ‘things’ I’m proud to get behind #whitemonday on 25th November 2019. Although it’s the campaign’s 3rd year, it’s the first time I’ve heard about it. It began in Malmö in Sweden, a country I visited in my first year of being Annie Sloan’s Painter in Residence teaching painting techniques.

I am proud to be involved in the opposite of a mega-sales day Black Friday as its principles match my own, encouraging ‘circular alternatives’ to pure consumption. That means opting out of Black Friday and looking for ways to reuse, repair and even rent, be that a workshop or tools, maybe even furniture! The internet makes it easy now to rent and buy second hand items and (hopefully this is where I come in) share my knowledge with you guys of how to reuse and repair.

jonathon marc mendes teaching at The Loft
For me, it’s a great chance to bang that drum really loudly (as I have been doing for a lifetime of painting and 2 years teaching in my online Painted Love Academy). I love the idea of curating a home from things you love, have inherited, saved from landfill or been given by a friend. Since before I became Annie Sloan’s Painter in Residence in February 2017A I have been making old stuff new or new stuff old (my preferred style) using paint and creativity to try and be unique. Me and my husband always visit sales, shop on Facebook marketplace and Lincolnshire’s many antique shops. Lots of my clothes, including all of them for hairdressing come from charity shops (black is black after all) and once they’re bleach splattered and too worn to wear they become rags for painting. Going round in circles, good circles!

I know not everyone finds it as easy as I do to come up with the ideas for painting pieces or the processes, that is one of the reasons that I started my Facebook page Jonathon Marc Mendes Painted Love. Plus I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the air travel to teach my overseas followers. Hence in 2018 the Painted Love Academy was born.

Since my Painted Love Academy launched in February 2018, 1000s of students have learned how to save furniture from landfill and transform it with my unique techniques. Many alumni have become professional furniture painters working from home, selling paint or opening up a shop.

For me, painting and upcycling feels good in so many ways:

  • It saves money and helps me to create our dream home
  • Working with my hands gives me real joy & satisfaction
  • I find that being creative calms and soothes my mind
  • Investing in skills and experience feels guilt-free
  • Sharing what I have learnt with others is so uplifting 

Jonathon Marc Mendes Paint Pro Day The Loft
Like me my students save pieces from skips, landfill, charity shops and car boot sales. They teach and share my techniques with others and keep that circle turning. In recognition and support of #whitemonday I want to encourage more people to learn how easy furniture painting and upcycling can be so there is 30% off my 6-Week Masterclass for #whitemonday up until 1st December 2019.

Jonathon Faded Grandeur Desk
Not only that, I am offering 30% off all my online tutorials using the code WHITEMONDAY so you can have a dabble and still have time to dip deeper!

If I’m new to you and you want to find out more just browse my blog to see my work and register here for access to 2 free tutorials without obligation.

Not sure?  Take a look at my You Tube Faux Ironwork Planter

Each tutorial offers this quality of HD Video Masterclass teaching (plus List of Materials, Hints, Tips & Hacks and Styling Tips with forever access).  the Join my closed Facebook tutoring group with the Masterclass or any 2 tutorials.

Please let me know what you think of this initiative and how you’re getting involved too. I really want this to grow.


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