Once again I am proud to be involved with this initiative, (previously called White Monday). It’s the Monday before Black Friday when we encourage Circular Alternatives.

I launched my Painted Love Academy in 2018 in the hope of reducing my footprint by flying less and teaching more people online how to upcycle old furniture and extend that whole concept of reusing pieces saved from landfill in the curation of beautiful, bespoke homes.

I feel so very fortunate that we did as my ‘day job’ as a hairdresser is currently on hold for the second time this year due to COVID-19 restrictions and our second lockdown so I have turned back to my home with DIY and crafting projects that make more of less through creativity.

If you haven’t yet tried to curate from preloved pieces, I would urge you to give it a try and embrace lots of different painting styles to create amazing looks for your home. Each one unique and all the more special for having been created by you.

While vintage and preloved is so on trend right now, to be honest it is the only way that me, and my husband, a hospital key worker could have afforded the wonderful home we now own, a beautiful Edwardian house that we are bringing back to life with repairs and reuse. We are passionate recyclers and nothing goes to waste from food scraps in our compost to reworking old furniture and fabrics from friends and relatives or online selling sites. You can see a few of the projects so far like my Home Studio in the Coachhouse in the garden, where I’ve upcycled old kitchen cupboards and our Dining Room which was transformed by an upcycled stove and painted brickwork, and my mum’s guest room which is all created with paint and vintage Sanderson fabrics.

Just click the links in the text above to catch up on the blogs right here.

Lots of other UK upcyclers are taking part in the event too like one of my Alumni Alison West from Ayr Brushed and my guest tutor, masking tape master Nicky Cash from Done Up North. It feels wonderful to be in such good company.

Find out more about Circular Monday here and following #circularmonday in social media.

At the end of the week on Black Friday I am doing something circular instead and hosting a Let’s Talk Paint & Patina with the super talented Jane Brereton, another Alumni who does the most amazing upcycling down under.

If you want to dip into my painting tutorials and see how you can save pieces from landfill with paint, then please do so with 35% off when you use MONDAY at checkout. You’ll also have 3 free tutorials when you sign up.

Let’s consume circular and be inspired!

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